TripAdvisor 8.3.2

A world of travel information at your fingertips


  • Huge database of locations
  • Filters for information sorting


  • Clunky user interface
  • No native support for maps and directions


TripAdvisor for Android is designed to provide a quick way to get information about a range of destinations across the world.

Based around the popular TripAdvisor website, the app offers information and independent user reviews about hotels, restaurants, and things to do in a host of towns and cities across the planet.

You can use the TripAdvisor application to search for a specific location or set it to look for places in the immediate area around you. Hotels and restaurants are shown in order of their overall rank on TripAdvisor, based on user reviews. You can choose to filter results based on variables such as price, distance, cuisine, type of accommodation, etc. Depending on the place, you even sometimes get the option to book a room on your mobile, via

Comprehensive travel information

The database of travel information included in TripAdvisor is very impressive, and there's plenty of information relating to each business. This includes addresses and telephone numbers, as well as information of how to get there.

TripAdvisor for Android also includes a Forums section, where you can post questions and exchange information about a particular place with other users.

The user interface in TripAdvisor could be improved. It has the feel of a scaled-down version of the website, rather than a fully-fledged, standalone application. Some of the tabs and icons you need to click are too small for comfort, and if you want to open a map or get directions, TripAdvisor will ask you to launch an external app such as Google Maps or Radar.

TripAdvisor packs a mammoth database of locations into a pocket-sized program, making for a quick way to find places to stay or eat in a city.

Minor bug fixes


  • Minor bug fixes


TripAdvisor 8.3.2

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